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The minimalist platform that makes sharing family content pure, secure and simple!

Staying connected is just a couple taps away.

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What is Sproutly?

Sproutly is that parenting sweet-spot in the digital world: an ad-free platform that's insulated from the vulnerabilities of “sharenting” and data mining.  It serves as a multipurpose family tree rolodex - a quick and easy tool for everyone to stay informed and connected!


With Sproutly, never again will parents forget to keep someone in the loop about their baby's due date, or have to worry about people finding their gift registry.  And gone are the days of combing social media to remember the name or birthday of a friend's two-year-old.

For Parents

Create a Family Profile which includes must-know details and essential pics. Each 'Sprout' gets their own page (pets welcome), including little ones on the way! 


Share your profile with friends and family through text, email, social media or the app itself.


Include your baby’s registry to make gifting easier.


Offer more family updates by adding custom milestones or quick comments.

For Everyone

Search to store family profiles in your network.  Once stored, check out their key info with just a couple taps.  Customize notifications and “favorite" those closest to you for enhanced updates! 


You can also keep details handy for families not using Sproutly.  Create 

their family's profile which is only viewable by you, and displays with the rest of your stored profiles.

For more details, check out Frequently Asked Questions


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